Psychotherapeutic Reiki/

Emotional Release Treatment

This is a full 90 min treatment and includes chakra balancing. This energy healing session is created to assist relaxation and stress relief while allowing the body to re-balance its various systems. You can use as often as you choose to guide you on your healing journey. Reiki supports and stimulates each person's innate self-healing abilities. Psychotherapeutic Reiki is a technique that blends Eastern energy concepts and Western psychological perspectives. It is used to treat psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. This technique utilizes the Reiki energy, mindfulness practice, cognitive psychotherapy, and stress management.


Letting Go of Negative Beliefs - Guided Meditation

YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU’RE WORTHY. Therefore, negative beliefs must target and magnify specific fears in detail to get you to suspend your disbelief about your worth. They have to do this because what they’re telling you is FALSE, whereas positive beliefs can be simple and general because they don’t need to convince you that what they’re telling you about your worth is TRUE. In this meditation, I will assit you in releasing the burden of the past and aligning with the reality that is more aligned with what you prefer.

Magnificent Life

Guided Meditation

This guided meditation invites you to leave behind the noise and chatter that you have collected over the course of your lifetime, that is representative of beliefs and ideas and definitions that you have picked up along the way. Allow me to gently assist you in discovering more and more and more of yourself, so that you can experience the extraordinary being that you actually are. 


PTSD - Guided Meditation

The symptoms of posttraumatic stress (also called PTSD or PTS) are painful, recurring and easily activated, so they must be managed with respect, sensitivity and skill. They can come from old wounds from childhood abuse or from a recent traumatic event – a tornado, a car crash, combat, domestic violence. Welcome to the power of ptsd meditation and guided imagery, and the opening of a new chapter of strength and resilience in your life!

Have you ever wanted more awareness and control over your internal emotional states?

The procedures you will learn in this webinar are considered meta-skills. A meta-skill is essentially a higher-order skill that enables and empowers other skills to happen. They are the foundation on which you are able to engage with new skills effectively. There are many different meta-skills, from self-awareness, to confidence, to critical thinking, to empathy. 


You can use those skills in variety of domains in life:

· job interviews

· family connections

· business / deals negotiations

·essentially in any interpersonal setting including; dating, romance, sales, workplace, internet space. It's a 90 min presentation, packed with content!


If you are ready to expand your knowledge base, I am here to assist.

You will learn principles of:

· How To Create Deep and Powerful Connections With People

· How To Control Your Inner State AT WILL

How To Open Another Human Being To Your Influence

How To Manage Someone’s Emotional State From Across The Room.