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Guided Hypnotic Journey with Aga and Yoga with Gosia - In Person Workshop

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Namaskar, Namaste, Warm Hello Beautiful Beings!

My Yogini Friend Gosia and I have an immense pleasure to invite to our Unique live workshop in person, in Chicago!

From Gosia:

Yoga is a state of being. In this state of being, mind’s fluctuations are stilled and all modifications of the mind are completely inhibited . In this particular state we realize and “rest in” our true self ,essential and fundamental nature of our being .

During the class Gosia will take you on the journey to touch those layers of existence. You’ll be guided through few postures with breath guidance, chant and sound of singing bowls .

Gosia is an experienced yoga teacher and devoted student of Kriya Yoga, which focuses on self study, self-control, purification and meditative attunement. Her focus is on proper alignment , movement of energy , breath, as it is necessary tool to enter deeper layers of our being. Gosia’s approach takes her students on the journey through self-exploration, which is significant in developing a deeper understanding of transcending everyday consciousness.

From Aga: Sometimes all you need is an experienced guide. A professional who understands that all healing is truly self-healing and knows which questions from a self inquiry book to ask, in order to assist you with going deeper and broader within. Only in that subtle internal space, depth and vastness, you will find a match to your longings. You will find a feeling of coming home. I have no doubt you will recognize this feeling, when you experience it and reunite with it.

Hi, my name is Aga. Most clients come to my practice to resolve burdensome, disruptive, perpetuating symptoms of trauma. I invite you to experience a guided hypnotic journey with me. This workshop however will be helpful to all of you; the intention is to emphasize wellbeing and up-regulate your natural self expression.

Neuroscience and somatic based techniques, hypnotherapy, honor the autonomy of the unconscious mind and allow it to solve problems. Every human being can develop and utilize this internal capacity. Techniques you will learn can help you separate from unwanted feelings, emotions and limiting core beliefs that may have attached to your subconscious part during a traumatic event, inner child wounding or period of chronic exposure to a destructive, stressful patterns.

Workshop Investment: $60

Date: August 21st at 12PM.

Duration: 2.5h

Address: The Sanctuary Yoga Studio

6710 N Northwest Hwy

Chicago, IL 60631

To register, please contact Aga at 773.817.2132

The space is intimate and limited. If you feel called to participate and activate the Divine within, heal, let go and up-regulate your perception (whatever is relevant at the moment will be addressed), this powerful inner engineering workshop is for you!

We Look Forward to Connecting and Guiding YOU <3

P.S. If you are a FB user, here is a link to one of my free hypnosis sessions:

Enjoy and Be Well!

With Light,



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