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How I healed naturally from Long Covid (long term post COVID symptoms)?

I have contracted COVID in December of 2020. Initially, the

symptoms didn't last long; I recovered pretty quickly, within a week. So I thought. For about three weeks after the infection, I’ve been experiencing fatigue, a bit of brain fog and loss of smell. Toward a third week of January of 2021, I physically felt balanced and healthy again. I assumed all was well, especially considering my healthy lifestyle. I have been eating organic, clean, mostly plant based diet for way over a decade, I regularly take supplements and move my body on daily basis, I have meditated for at least 100,000h, my self awareness level is high.

Never did I ever expect to be loosing a grip of my physical suit toward the end of 2021…but let's go back in time to how this story unfolded...

A little over a year ago there wasn’t a lot of talk about prolonged post covid symptoms. I naively assumed that once I had it and recovered from it, my body has won the battle (it did, but not the war) and I can move on with my life. I am immune to it, end of story.

Interestingly, coincidentally to me getting the infection, repressed, very early childhood memories started to surface and show their ugly faces to me. For a few months, I was sitting with the newly discovered evidence, processing loads of emotional pain; it was a powerful time, during which information about my early life experiences were revealed to me, through me, to me, often during sleepless nights. I did the best I could to aid my own healing and feel safe during this "psychic surgery" period. Travel helped me a lot, eventually I thought I turned the corner. I was mostly feeling well mid year, for about three months, except for occasional mood swings, headache here and there, sensitive nervous system. Very unusual to me, but I accepted these changes, for some reason I didn’t question them much or took action to really heal my body,. Previously, I would regularly fast to cure myself, I have done long fasts before, may times. But 2021 was already an exhausting year in more then one way for me, emotionally and mentally.

The symptoms were gradually building up…I began to feel nervous and unsure about my health.

One addtional thing I started to notice towards the end of November last year was, was that sad moments became regular occurrences, I was rapidly loosing the vibrant energy I have been so full of, for many years before. Last week of December 2021 was incredibly difficult; thoughts of death accompanied me daily, I was seriously scared for my life, without ANY rational reason. Have you been experiencing these kinds of mental & emotional patterns yourself? Despite recovering from covid months/year ago?

In retrospect, when I retroactively travel back to January of 2021, towards the end of the month I have noticed some internal shaking and wobbles; the architecture of my physical and emotional being was vibrating in a strange new way, trembling so to speak. That’s when I remember experiencing strange (for me) symptoms like mood swings, soreness in the left hip and lower back. I bought vitamin D3 plus K2, liquid iodine and few others supplements, thinking that there might be some deficiency I need to address. Despite the supplementation and fast-forward a few months, my symptoms didn’t clear. I was experiencing some strange heat waves (the list of long covid symptoms goes on and on, doesn’t it?). It is now the end of May of 2021; I decide to start a water fast. I should have faster longer then 5 days, but I have experienced so called healing crisis on day five, which felt like a heat tourniquet forming around me, constricting my breath and causing heart palpitations (all of these sensations were sooo new to me!). I decided to end the water fast. The strange heat waves stopped, however, my menstruation did not return (it has stopped right after I contracted covid) and I decided to take additional supplements like neem powder and turmeric with honey water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, to continue my detox. It helped. I felt better, generally quite well. Another two months pass by...I am returning to US from Mexico.

Immediately after coming to Chicago for work on November 8th, I noticed a significant decrease in my energy levels. It felt like half of my life force energy tank was empty. I have had plenty of clients scheduled for work until the end November though. I decided to power through November, doing my best to stay mentally, physically and emotionally aligned. It wasn’t so bad.

I continued to feel a bit up and down, but still held it together pretty well. I returned to my home in beautiful Del Mar, CA at the end of November. That's when things started to feel really scary for me. I pretty much collapsed first week of December, not really understanding what was causing the heavy depressive thoughts, lack of energy, unpleasant mood swings, cramps in my right leg, rash on my hand, teary eyes and several other symptoms. I would be okay for a day or two, then I would again start feeling like I am rapidly descending towards some sort of catastrophic ending. I'm not going to share all the details here, but things got so bad, that on December 31st 2021, I decided to take some magic mushrooms to investigate, if there were some more repressed memories, surfacing into my conscious awareness, causing all the chaos within. The plant medicine revealed nothing in terms of mental or emotional value, except in it’s intelligence it made me realize I feel nauseated. I wasn't hungry. That’s when I decided to stop eating. This decision, looking back, saved my life. Yes, fasting is the best bio-hacking tool evolution has given us, in terms of healing and gene activation. And it's free!

First three days of water fasting where very difficult for me. I was still in a very dark place, crying a lot, I feared for my life, I was very confused and weak. Dear friend from Mexico called me unexpectedly and kept me company via video calls at night, when I was in need for emotional support. I persisted and continued the fast, unable to do much of anything.

I experienced first noticeable breakthrough on day fifth of my fasting journey. Before that, I almost fainted a few times, lunatic-ing between physical and non-physical dimensions, unable to anchor fully into my body, despite performing enemas daily (colon therapy helps remove toxic waste and brings relief during a fast, speeding up the healing process).

I sooo welcomed the mental relieve on day five, even though I was still very weak physically and mainly rested in bed. (Since the beginning of the fast, I was pretty much bed ridden)

Day six gently walked in and I finally began to feel relieve from some of the physical symptoms; my body and brain started to communicate properly again, the pressure in my chest, heart palpitations and strange feeling of tiny creatures crawling in my brain began to dissipate.

That's when, for a first time in a loooong couple of weeks I felt really hopeful, I even managed to smile and continued self care, while fasting and communicating with few dear friends, who were all very supportive.

During my water fast I took magnesium supplement in the evenings and marine phytoplankton, to make sure that my body was well equipped to continue fighting, repairing and healing itself.

I wasn’t able to stand on my feet for more then a short moment, so I would take baths instead of showers and Himalayan salt, it was soothing and comforting to me.

On day eight I felt hungry. I drank a little bit of vegetable juice, I felt nauseated from it though, so I only drank half a glass.

On day ninth I ate a small meal and switched to intermittent fasting. That means eating only during a four-five hour window, in the 24h cycle.

For a first time in a while, I felt mental, emotional clarity and enhanced cognition. Additionally, fasting helped me stabilize my sleeping pattern and now I wake up naturally around 6:30am.

Since I made the switch, which was only a few days ago, I don't drink anything but water or tea in the morning and wait until at least 16h have gone by since my last meal, to have something light to eat. Yesterday my first meal of the day was lunch at 2pm. My supper is around 5-6pm and after that I can drink water or herbal tea (no sugar or milk added). I feel really well; there are some interesting changes taking place within, an internal biological revolution and rapid adaptation to change, as a response to much less frequent eating. I cannot wait to feel more benefits as a result to my archaic revival journey, awakaning genes used millions of years ago by our predecessors.

I am intending to continue intermittent fasting for the rest of my life along with longer, 5-7 day fasts, twice a year. I don't want to experience this kind of agony again and don’t wish it to anyone. It can be traumatizing experience, in it of itself. That's why I am sharing this message with you.

Are you suffering from long covid or from long-term adverse health symptoms, due to other then covid, conditions?

You see, I actually didn't connect my symptoms with long covid, because It's been a year since the initial infection. It took me a bit to understand the complexity and power of SARS2 virus. Words cannot express how glad I am to have remembered the benefits of fasting and intuitively listening to that rapidly disappearing inner voice. I've done extended water fasts before, including several 9 or 10 days fasts. One time I have even done 21 water fast.

So, what exactly takes place, when we periodically stop feeding ourselves?

There are several incredible mechanisms that activate inside the body, when we fast. One of them is a stimulation of certain types of genes, which are otherwise dormant. This is all thanks to a process called autophagy. Hurray to reversal of age, thanks to a natural production of human growth hormon!

After you have stopped eating for a few days, you start to notice rapid changes in your appearance; you begin to look better & more beautiful, you notice healthier skin, brighter eyes, you start to radiate that priceless inner glow. Others around you will notice and comment on this phenomenon.

You experience immense clarity in your mind, you start to feel like a super human on steroids (if you are seriously ill and on medication, it will take a bit longer before you experience the sexy aspect of fasting, but it will happen for you, keep going and don’t give up). Further more, you experience a surge of energy, both physical and mental, your immune becomes very strong. Your mood stabilizes. The feeling of well-being & vitality increases significantly. This is all due to autophagy, which simply means that your body begins to activate a process of internal feeding. Your magnificent machine switches to internal resources for food. If you can fast on water for at least three days (hopefully longer), your powerful body will begin to break down the damaged cells and utilize them as fuel, to create new, healthy ones. It will look for sources of energy in your stored body fat, it will utilize toxins, accumulated environmental pollutants and metabolize it. That's why you will look so healthy and noticeably younger, when you fast regularly and you switch to intermittent fasting as a way to stay in a perfect physical, mental and emotional equilibrium.

Your bodily systems kick into a high gear, when you take control over WHEN and WHAT you eat, your metabolism becomes incredibly efficient. You experience significant increase in energy levels, because you're not using so much of it, digesting food.

Now, let’s look at these incredible processes described above, from an evolutionary standpoint.

The first human ancestors appeared between five million and seven million years ago, probably when some apelike creatures in Africa began to walk habitually on two legs. They were flaking crude stone tools by 2.5 million years ago. Then some of them spread from Africa into Asia and Europe after two million years ago. Let's talk about what that means for us.

How many generations were before you? Think about it, because that will be an eye opener for you. In the two and a half million years, there were 100,000 generations and each generation improved on it’s genetic material. Ok, so we have 100,000 generations and then they produced the Homo Sapiens. Now, wow many generations were in the agricultural period? Since the agricultural revolution, there were only 600 generations. So, 600 generations have been eating the benefits of the agricultural revolution. What about the industrial revolution? Eating habits changed even more during that time, because remember, much of the agricultural period was still OK it terms of health, because the grains were whole (unprocessed).

Now, in the industrial revolution period, how many generations have gone by? Only 10! In 10 generations we changed drastically our diet and somehow we expect within 10 generations to adapt to this processed, toxic way of eating. We expect our genetic material to adapt to these changes. We actually don’t stand a chance. Now if we're lucky, maybe in another 100,000 generations from now, our kids will adapt to this new diet, but right now, we don’t stand a chance. You see what I'm saying?

I hope this message is an eye opener for you. My intention is to share science based data, so you can continually make informed decisions about your health. Thanks to a Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his research on how cells recycle and renew their content (autophagy), we can confidently practice fasting, to quickly and effectively restore our health, in the privacy of our homes. That means for most of us, no need for extensive medical care, no need to take any medication, no need for tests and doctor's visits. Fasting was the most natural thing for our ancestors and I encurage you to give it a shot. You might really enjoy awakening the primal forces within, so they can serve you (as they are designed to do), as you enjoy exploring what it is really that you would like to do with your life.

If you need guidance on your journey to impeccable health, I am happy & eager to assist you.

With Light,



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