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Energy Therapy for Chronic Pain - In Person Or LongDistance:

"I've been seeing Aga for over a year to help manage a chronic pain condition and un-do the impact of the stresses of a demanding job. She has helped me tremendously with her insightful and kind approach to energy healing. I think the greatest impact of working with Aga is that she has helped me to get more in touch with myself and become more aware of how my choices feel in my body, which has helped me make better choices over time. This might sound woo-woo, especially coming from a person in a highly analytical profession, but I would  highly recommend Aga to anyone who is struggling with an emotion, with a chronic pain condition, or an emotion causing a chronic pain condition. If, like me, you are new to Reiki, prepare to be pleasantly surprised!"

Alina Kotova, Chicago, USA

Published September 6, 2015

Healing Anxiety - In Person or Long Distance


"I discovered Tree of Life Reiki about three months ago when I decided to try Energy Healing to help me with my anxiety. This was one of the best decision of my life and I am so grateful that Aga decided to shares her gift with the world. She has gone above and beyond for me knowing my personal struggles. Aga is extremely gifted healer, very intuitive, passionate and caring.

It starts off in a relaxing atmosphere with either a guided meditation or an energy reading. Then, she places her hands lightly on different of my body flowing positive energy for 2 to 5 mins. That process could take about half an hour to an hour depending on what she feels you need. Then she moves the energy around your body removing out any negative energy that no longer serves you. She rings the bell to balance your charkas and that part of the session is over. It is an interesting processing because you can feel it in almost physicial aspect.

She will review what images appearred to her and how you feel. She also followed up with me via text and email. She sent me links to videos that have really help me on my journey. She has given me priceless advice about self-love, self-respect and compassion for myself. She gave me advice about my life style and what really hit home was how much Aga care about me immediately after meeting me. I was really committed to making changes and followed her advice. My anxiety is so much better and I have inspired people around to make positive changes in their life too. I have seen her three times already and I feel like a new person.

I will and have referred people to Tree of Life. This was a very safe and natural alternative to taking medication to treat my anxiety that will not have really treated the root of my problem. I am very happy with my experience and hope this review will encourage anyone who is on the fence to go head and give energy healing a try."

Lisa Arroyo, Chicago, USA

Published September 3,2014

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