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Reiki Healing Session

If your physical, emotional or mental body is out of balance, a Reiki healing session can help.

Because of daily life stressors, imbalances in the mind and body can happen in a number of ways. These often show up as physical symptoms, which directly correlate to the energy centers / chakras of the body.

I love to help people reconnect to themselves with Reiki, because the best way to address physical ailments (that are not caused by physical trauma) is through healing the energy body — and our patterns and stories around them.

This is due to the fact that the health of our physical body reflects the health of our energy body. Dis-ease tends to show up in our energy body first. When we're having physical issues, it is almost always due to the fact that our body is communicating what we have neglected to observe within ourselves.

Psychotherapeutic Reiki/Emotional Release Treatment:

A Reiki healing session, or energy healing session, creates relaxation and relieves stress while allowing the body to re-balance its various systems. Reiki supports and stimulates each person's innate self-healing abilities. Psychotherapeutic Reiki is a technique that blends Eastern energy concepts and Western psychological perspectives. It is used to treat psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. This technique utilizes the Reiki energy, mindfulness practice, cognitive psychotherapy, and stress management.

More than just balancing the physical body, Prajnic Healing, Aga's unique approach, is a holistic modality that addresses the root causes of physical and emotional suffering. Aga facilitates a deep understanding of the mind - body connection, empowering one to affect profound change for overall wellness and balance. Disempowering thought patterns emerge. Self-awareness expands with new possibilities as one gains a revitalized sense of strength and potential. Aga's Reiki healing sessions are about realizing one's true nature and transcending self-created identities and limiting beliefs.

"My back pain I was feeling yesterday is 95% gone.  My chiropractor was amazed at how I was moving around compared to yesterday. I’m gonna try one of those guided meditations you have available. Thank you again! "

Carlos Javier, Chicago 

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