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Spiritual Mentoring

Lost in the awe at the beauty around me, I must have slipped into a state of heightened awareness…It seemed to me, as I struggled afterward to recall the experience, that self was utterly absent: I and the chimpanzees, the earth and trees and air, seemed to merge, to become one with the spirit power of life itself…Never had I been so intensely aware of the shape, the color of the individual leaves, the varied patterns of the veins that made each one unique. It was almost overpowering. —Jane Goodall, Reason for Hope

There has never been a time quite like the one we are living in now. Science continues to prove that there is more to the mind, body and soul than previously imagined. The reality is…there is a new aspect to reality and we are on the forefront of that journey. The definition of freedom may vary from person to person, but we might all agree that living “free” means you are living up to the highest measure of your potential, AND that you are experiencing life with an abundance of peace, joy and ease.

What would your life look like if that were true? It CAN happen and I would like to show you how through spiritual mentoring. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

If you have been on a spiritual path and looking for a breakthrough, or you need guidance on how to fully activate and cultivate this sacred essence within you (whether you call it Shakti, Kundalini, Chi, Universal Life Force Energy, the peak experience is universally accessible), I welcome you to a world of meditative, hypnotic and otherwise trance/altered state inducing practices, designed to assist you in transcending your physical reality matrix. As a result, you will heighten your psychic (clairvoyant, clairsentient, remote viewing, channeling) abilities and possibly attain and retain Samadhi - a State of a Union with the Divine. I have assisted thousands of souls on their path to balance and some took it to an ultimate level of commitment to the self and expansive spiritual & personal growth. If you have a regular meditative practice, are self-aware and actively working on healing your emotional wounds, this spiritual mentoring opportunity is for you. Methods applied will vary, depending on your needs and might include: breath retention, internal alchemy techniques, concentration techniques, hypnosis, regression therapy, shadow work and more. 

Mystical experiences are thought to be encounters with greater truths or powers, religious or not. Depending on how each of us uniquely interprets this puzzling concept, mystical experiences can take many shapes and forms. I asked different people about their own definition of sacred experiences.

“Mystical experiences are events that can shake up your world in a single moment,” that these experiences have the ability to make us see the physical properties of the world around us in a much more vivid and intense way—almost as if our senses are suddenly heightened. They can also help us “on the way out”; we exit them “transformed,” meaning that the insights into our personal life or our very sense of being are deeper and sharper after them.

To inquire about spiritual mentoring, please contact me through this website, describing your current state of development, your internal engineering process and internal limitations you are facing.

I look forward to connecting and assisting you on this sacred path of self-discovery!

With Light,


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