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All Of The Material Listed Below Has Been Stored On A External Hard Drive Using Approximately 452 GB


Includes: Hard Drive. Power Cable. USB Adapter. Hard Carrying Case.

  • So How Much Is 452 GB Of Space?

  • Over 306,000,00 Pages Of Written Material

  • Over 452,000,000 Emails

  • Over 192,000 Photos

  • Over 103,000 Hours Of Music

Over 60 Programs, Most With Certificates For Only $846.95

Retail Price Of $6,515.02 Yes, You Are Saving $5,668.07

Imagine Over 325 Hours Of Hypnosis Training!


You will feel more confident as a hypnotist and a holistic practitoner. 

As hypnotists are starting to see clients returning for sessions, they know that they will need to be offering more types of sessions than the usual.

Many people who have expressed that they are now ready to start spending time, energy, resources on themselves.

The top ten types of sessions for 2022 are the following:

  • Athletes have to be in the top 10. The golfers, bowlers, and others have stayed away from their sporting activities. Now, with things looking more optimistic, these people are going to invest some time and money on themselves. We all have money that must be spent each month. It’s nice to spend a little money on the things that you want to pay for, rather than what yo must pay for.
  • There have been thousands and thousands of people who found themselves in the position of a caregiver. Think about it. You are stressed to the max from the virus, and now you are needed to be a caregiver for someone that is important in your life. The stress level for these people is almost off the charts. 
  • Hypnosis with corporations is going to once again grow. There were so many employers who had to cut back on the number of employees. Even the employees that were kept on, may have seen a drop in their pay, and or loss of insurance.  Hypnosis sessions that the company can provide to their employees will make sense as things begin to go back to normal.
  • When we think of the words” Emergency Hypnosis” we normally think of both first responders, and those who are working in hospitals and nursing homes. These workers are always under a great deal of stress. Now with the pandemic their stress level has quadrupled.  The one type of first responders who have been hit twice is those in Law Enforcement.  With the chant of “defund the police”. “Send the cops to jail” and many others, these brave men and women are burnt out like never before.
  • Stage hypnosis.  There have been millions of people who have been under a stay at home order. You can only watch a certain amount of television shows without going berserk. The idea of getting out, letting your hair down, and just having a good time, can do so much for people.  The second kind of like stage show is conducting talks and demonstrations. This is such a great way to educate people on what hypnosis is and what it is not.
  • Even though this is listed at number six, for too many people it could be number one. Stress reduction is needed more now than ever. The number one reason for stress is change. No one could argue that 2020 has been filled with way too many changes. A hypnotist who can also be a stress reduction facilitator can create miracles in people’s lives. A very well known hypnotist who was in his eighties when he passed away told me, that what we do is help people change their minds.  What a simple and yet brilliant way to look at what we do as hypnotists. We can not eliminate stress, but we can change how we are going to react to it.
  • Many people have felt that they have been totally out of control for months. Our first inclination might be to think that these people would look for an activity that they could control. The exact opposite is the reality. Too many people turn to gambling when they already feel out of control. They are looking for that high that they get. For some people it might be going to a casino, others might get hooked on the lottery. Hypnosis for gambling is a great tool to tame the need to spend, when you already feel that you are living "on the edge".
  • Hoarding and hypnosis has been around for sometime, but now it is off the charts. Remember when you were lucky to find toilet paper? For many, once an item that had limited quantities became available it caused some people to hoard these items. It’s the mind set that “I might need this down the road”. For too many of us, we aren’t used to not being able to buy the little things that we need. Sometimes there really is thin line between hoarding and being prepared.
  • Next is pediatric hypnosis.  With millions of students not able to attend school, this creates a high degree of tension in many children/youth. Money can never buy the great feelings that hypnotists will experience after successfully working with children.
  • Removing fears with hypnosis has to be one of the most successful types of sessions. It is rare to have a type of session that normally only needs one session. I have found that combining hypnosis with NLP, is a match made in heaven.  The typical person that has a fear of a certain object or activity has normally spent years reinforcing that fear.  A person who is afraid of flying could start feeling as little bit of the fear by just talking about the subject of flying.  You might conduct a session for passing exams, road rage, sports or many other types of sessions. As an experienced hypnotist we may feel pretty confident that our session was a success, but we really don’t know for sure. When working with fears, we actually have the client try to bring back the fears. So, before the client finishes the session, they, and you, realize that the fear is gone.


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    • 12 best hypnotic inductions       $15.00 one audio MP3
    • Athletes and hypnosis               $150.00 four videos with workbook
    • Audio presentation training       $15.00 one audio MP3
    • Booking appointments              $30.00 two audios mp3
    • Cancer patients                         $150.00   four videos with workbook
    • Caring for the Caregivers          $80.00 one video with workbook
    • Celebrities who use hypnosis    $20.00 CD list in word
    • Computer smoking program      $250.00 four videos with workbook and two mp3 files
    • Computer weight loss program  $250.00 four videos with workbook and two mp3 files
    • Consulting hypnotist training    $800.00 16 videos with workbook
    • Corporations and hypnosis        $150.00 five videos with workbook
    • Deepening techniques               $80.00 one video with workbook
    • Emergency hypnosis                 $225.00 four videos with workbook
    • Everything CD                         $60.00 Computer CD
    • Five in one technique                $50.00 single video
    • Forensic hypnosis                     $150.00 four videos with workbook
    • Gambling                                 $80.00 one video with workbook
    • Geriatric hypnosis                    $130.00 one video with workbook
    • Hoarding                                  $80.00 one video with workbook
    • Hypnosis with salespeople        $150.00 four videos with workbook
    • Hypnotic inductions                  $80.00 one video with workbook
    • Imprint removal                        $80.00 one video with workbook
    • Innovative hypnotic techniques $150.00 four videos with workbook
    • Marketing hypnosis                  $80.00 one video with workbook
    • Marketing to corporations         $95.00 one video with workbook
    • Mastery hypnosis training         $175.00 four videos with workbook
    • Mega-Marketing                       $175.00 five videos with workbook  and one mp3 file
    • Metaphors and more                 $80.00 one video with workbook
    • NLP                                         $80.00 two videos with workbook
    • Pain control                              $50.00 single video
    • Painless childbirth                    $80.00 two videos with workbook
    • Parts therapy and beyond          $150.00 four videos with workbook
    • Passing exams                          $80.00 one video with workbook
    • Past life regression                   $80.00 two videos with workbook
    • Pediatric hypnosis                     $150.00 four videos with workbook
    • Presentations                            $50.00 single video
    • Pre-talk                                     $50.00 single video
    • PTSD                                       $80.00 two videos with workbook
    • Raising children MP3               $20.00 Book on audio MP3
    • Raising your children book       $20.00 Soft cover book
    • Regression                               $150.00 four videos with workbook
    • Regression                               $50.00 single video
    • Removing fears                        $50.00 one video with workbook
    • Removing fears                        $80.00 one video
    • Road Rage                               $50.00 single video
    • Script book                               $30.00 written material
    • Self confidence                         $80.00 two videos with workbook
    • Self hypnosis instructor             $80.00 two videos with workbook
    • Social media addiction              $250.00 four videos with workbook
    • Sports                                      $50.00 single video
    • Stage show for high schools      $50.00 single video
    • Stage show single DVD            $50.00 single video
    • Stress reduction facilitator         $150.00 four videos with workbook  and a mp3 file
    • Subliminal videos                     $40.00 two videos
    • Terminator for children             $40.00 one mp3 audio
    • Terminator for success              $40.00 one mp3 audio
    • Terminator happiness               $40.00 one mp3 audio
    • Terminator weight loss             $40.00 one mp3 audio
    • Ultimate stage training              $175.00 five videos with workbook
    • Validating hypnosis                  $80.00 one video with workbook
    • Weight loss secretes                 $50.00 single video
    • Weight loss training                  $20.00 MPS audio
    • Working with stroke survivors  $150.00 four videos with workbook
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