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Intuitive Channeling

Channelled Messages in Response to your Questions and Intentions

  • 1 hour
  • 360 US dollars
  • Camino Del Mar

Service Description

Channeling is all about making a connection that will open your heart, mind and soul to seeing your world in a new way. Messages from a non-physical perspective are pathways to raising your vibration and consciousness, resulting in a better understanding of your singular and collective experience and how to best navigate the changes and challenges you are currently facing. Channeling is a process of vibrational match. Aga enters a trance state, moves her physical mind aside and raises her internal energetic blueprint. The most appropriate beings/guides that match your intentions will perceive that energy vibration and begin matching frequencies, activating the medium. Beings make contact with a channel's soul "vehicle" and then information flows into consciousness. So, your higher consciousness is essentially using Aga's body, voice, hands, eyes and mind to translate messages. There is direct interaction and communication between the beings present and the person or people receiving the messages. Messages are translated in words and concepts that are available and familiar to us; but the vibration present is always energetically working behind the words to make the most significant impact. Channeled messages are not designed to take away your suffering or current life struggle. Having a channeled session does not mean everything will come simply, that you can relax and do nothing, or that all of your problems will be solved. You are still responsible for making physical decisions, and taking inspired actions. You will receive this inspiration from your higher self in many forms, both verbal and vibrational.

Contact Details

  • +1 (773) 817-2132

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