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I don't fix your problems, I help you fix your thinking in relation to emotions and then the problem fixes itself. 

Find A Somatic Address of Your Well-Being

Safe Space designed for all looking for an accelerated healing on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Community support and direct access to empirically supported tools, to assist you daily of your journey toward wellness.

Are you ready to find a Somatic Address of Your Wellbeing?

I am thrilled you said YES!

With Light,


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Hello and Welcome!


You Are Invited to my private FB Group called: Somatic Address of Your Wellbeing.


Most of the things that hold us back happen early in childhood, during times and places when we do not have the resources to properly address the situations being presented to us. Many times, the people who do the most damage to us are also the ones who claim to love us the most and have our best interest in heart. In some cultures it is not "appropriate" to excel in areas, where "other more senior" family members do not.


Well, would you like to reclaim the power and freedom to be excellent and powerful? To heal your negative imprints, To Start Playing Bigger and Stop Playing Small, in order to not upset others who might get triggered by the positive changes you want to make in your life? I have created a private FB Group called: Somatic Address of Your Wellbeing, with a purpose of providing a quality hypnosis, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Somatic Experiencing at a very affordable monthly investment of $9.99, from a comfort of your home. That's literally a price of 2 coffees per month!


If you have been curious and wanted to try hypnosis, but cost or other personal reasons prevented you from using this method of rapid healing, learning and transformation, this is your opportunity to experience hypnosis and much more, on a weekly basis. I will be offering a weekly live sessions (45-60  min) for all who subscribe to my monthly plan. In this safe and supportive container, I will help you get a taste of how good you can feel, on a daily basis, using entirely your own internal resources. I have been studying hypnosis, somatic healing, NLP, subliminal language patters, energy psychology for at least 10 years and have a very good idea on how to engage, revitalize, energize various systems in the body, mind, energy body, in order to create and sustain a vibrant equilibrium. I am a board certified hypnotist and hypnosis teacher, licensed by National Guild of Hypnotists. All live sessions will be saved and accessible to you, as long as the internet exists, so you can go back to your favorite material and keep utilizing the tools. Practice makes master :) I will cover all kinds of aspect related to wellbeing: mental, emotional, physical health, (weight management, smoking and other unhelpful habits, and soooo much more!


If you would like to sign up and experience wellbeing and ease in your daily life, please fill out the contact form, available at the link below: 


In the message section type " I would like to join Aga's private FB group".

I will send you an invoice (you will be billed monthly an amount of $9.99). Share this information with others, whom you think will benefit form this service.


I can't wait to see you in the group!


Your Friend,


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