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Find A Somatic Address of Your Wellbeing, Chicago April 24th-30th Visit

When you know what you don’t want and ask for improvement and improvement becomes the new order of the day and the new ones are being born and all the new energy is coming in, all coming from that vantage point, we’ve all got a perpetual well-being going on here. No matter how negative you get, you cannot disrupt the organic system of creation. All you can do is pinch yourself off and have an unpleasant time for a while, until you croak and then you’re right back in the game of searching again. In those instances in which you pay attention and recognize that you feel good or bad (self awareness), then it’s about you. When you recognize how you feel, then you are taking responsibility for what’s happening. In other words, when you first begin tuning in this way it will be delightful to watch yourself responding to your own thoughts & emotions. When something really wonderful happens, you will say "I did that" and when something not so wonderful happens, you will say "I did that". And there is something empowering about knowing that because, you know you could do it in a different way, if you choose to. But it’s easy to forget because there are so many moving parts, it’s so easy to give other people credit for the way you feel, for the way they behave. That's sort of what feels logical to you but, it isn’t logical. Because the way they’re behaving towards you always matches your expectations. People will raise or lower to the level of your expectations. And that’s why sometimes it’s hard to focus yourself into a new, positive internal place. You have been thinking that way, then getting feedback which is why you think that way, to get feedback, which is why you think that way, to get feedback. And so on and so forth. It’s just a spiral of attraction. But only when you care about how you feel and you start directing your thoughts based upon how they feel, rather than upon the observable reality, your life will start improving. Perhaps you’re saying to yourself out loud now, "but it’s true", you got to give me that, and I say: don’t use the truth of something as your criteria for your focus. Because there are all kinds of things that are true that you don’t want to keep active in your inner world.

You’re not ever going to look at the absence of something that you want and feel good, it’s that simple. You cannot look at lack and be in harmony with who you are. You cannot criticize and be in touch with who you truly are. You cannot be mad at somebody and be in alignment with who you are. You cannot be afraid of anything and be in alignment with who you are. A battle against anything is a battle against you.

That’s the best way of saying it. A battle against anything it’s a battle against your alignment. That’s it. I realize it’s a little difficult to wrap your thoughts around this, because it’s not the way you have been thinking. Well, I’ve got to tell you, it’s a whole lot easier than getting all those moving parts to line up (by that I mean external circumstances).

Now, here is what happens when you tune to your inner being: When you see people crippled and dying of bombs being dropped on them, you ask for a world that is peaceful. When you see children suffering, you ask for a better life for them. When you see intolerance, people speaking of only one right way to live, you ask for a more diverse and understanding world. You have created something so magnificent in your internal space, your sacred inner environment and all of your attention to all of that stuff that holds you apart from what you’ve created internally, keeps you from being the whole being that you are. Trying to control the uncontrollable keeps you outside of your internal resources and these simple processes I offer of wanting to feel good and reaching for the thoughts that does it, and reaching for the thought that does it and reaching for the thought that does it, until it DOES. And then holding to the thought that did feel good and holding to it, and holding to it until you have activated and trained yourself into that preferred state of being. Until you become a match to a better world that you are asking for, the better world cannot show itself to you.

If you have experienced working with me before, you probably know that I am a Board Certified Hypnotist/Hypnosis Instructor and Holistic Practitioner. I have recently completed a 100 hour teacher training and I am now certified to teach hypnosis! I have been in holistic practice for 9+ years. In addition to practicing hypnotherapy, I have been teaching meditation, metaphysical mind sciences and guiding thousands of clients around the world into a place of wellness.

Working with various modalities within the subconscious, I help clients release psychic scars and deep wounds preventing them from living the life of their dreams. Clients have described experiences with me as "life changing".

I am now accepting bookings for my upcoming visit in Chicago. If you would like me to assist you on your path toward mental, emotional, spiritual health, please contact me directly at 773.817.2132.

I look forward to assisting you and connecting soon!

With Light,



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