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Art of Persuasion Webinar

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Do You Find Yourself Struggling in the Art of Persuasion?

Are you actually aware there is such at thing?

Would it be helpful for you to learn, how to build strong report with others?

In a personal, business, therapeutic setting?

Learn The Secrets of Positive Influence and Discover How To Use These Techniques To Gain Influence In Both Your Personal and Professional Life

Have you ever wanted more awareness and control over your internal emotional states?

Have you ever wanted to exert your influence over the world around you?

The procedures you will learn in this workshop are considered meta-skills.

A meta-skill is essentially a higher-order skill that enables and empowers other skills to happen. They are the foundation on which you are able to engage with new skills effectively. There are many different meta-skills, from self-awareness to confidence, to critical thinking to empathy.

You can use those skills in variety of domains in life:

· job interviews

· family connections

· business / deals negotiations

· essentially in any interpersonal setting including; dating, romance, sales, workplace, internet space.

If you are ready to expand your knowledge base, I am here to assist.

You will learn principles of:

· How To Create Deep and Powerful Connections With People

· How To Control Your Inner State AT WILL

- How To Open Another Human Being To Your Influence

- How To Manage Someone’s Emotional State From Across The Room.

If you are someone who is uncomfortable exerting influence or believe that having the skills to not only influence and persuade others but to defend you from the many “persuasion predators” of the world is somehow wrong, or unethical... This is probably not the workshop for you.

However, if you are tired of producing the same old results over and over again (with family members, spouse, potential clients, new relationships, business ventures), if you would truly like to become one of the most powerful influencers in your area of interest, you can be and learn the foundations of persuasion that will give you the bulletproof skills you are not aware of (YET!).

The methods and techniques you’ll learn at this workshop ARE The REAL THING!

This workshop is a baseline for much deeper learning, however in the 90 minutes we spend together, I will teach you few of the techniques I have learned and used in my professional (as well as personal) setting, to help clients with emotional trauma recover. If these techniques work on such “helpless” individuals, I assure you they can work for you and your personal/business context.

This 90 min webinar is packed with practical& applicable knowledge.

To purchase, please follow the link below:

I look forward to connecting and sharing my knowledge & skills with you.

Balance Lab is all about providing support in the area of holistic health, mental health, trauma healing and includes:

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