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Re-write Your History

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The closer you are to death, the closer you are to life. Powerful, often life changing circumstances, like nothing else can help revivify and transform ones perception, if we allow it (surrender to it, submit to it) and make ourselves available to the transformational process. As a result, we will free up this dormant energy, a force within, trapped literally for lifetimes, waiting for a perfect storm to be created by ourselves, in order to activate the innate potentiality, unfettered by customs, traditions, social obligations.

My clients often face overwhelming scenarios, literally forcing them to stop in their tracks and look beyond what they perceived to be their normal.

Examples include:

*Losing your home (uprooting against your will) *Battling a serious illness *Long term physical or mental challenges, unresolved amid "trying everything" the modern medicine has to offer *Dysfunctional relationship patterns (codependency, dissociation, avoidance, obsessive compulsive disorder)

*Loosing a spouse or a loved one

*Near death experience

*Unintended metaphysical/mind altering experience

All of these will most likely trigger a powerful response, often connected to a much deeper reality within, buried and suppressed, mislabeled, misunderstood.

In deeper, truer reality, we are always looking to rescue ourselves, to resurrect from a dormant state and reconnect with our original blueprint, before we have experienced the trauma of separation from source, universal consciousness, our own divinity. Let me be clear: unconsciously, by staging accidents, illnesses, difficult relationships, we are trying to reenact the horrors of the initial separation, symbolically, depicted by a biblical story of Cain and Able. We earnestly run toward the source, creating such a potent combination of circumstances that they would, like a domino effect, sequentially align almost exactly to the potency of the initial traumatic spirit fracture. All of these experiences, lifetimes of trials and errors, survivalist attitude, emotional entanglements and energetic debts, hide and seek mental games, running around in circles, blindfolded to signals that do not come from the egoic mind, serve a purpose to finally awaken our inner abilities and learn how to access the information from the etheric, energetic, electric and magnetic field, all around us and within us, about ourselves and our true origin, our nature. In the biblical story, which to those raised in a catholic tradition is a beginning of a modern understanding of humanity and it’s dark tendencies, Cain kills his brother Able. Cain, the firstborn, was a farmer, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. The brothers made sacrifices to god, each of his own produce, but god favored Abel's sacrifice instead of Cain's. Able sacrifices a sheep, which was considered very valuable. Meat requires hunting; it is not an easy commodity to obtain. To Cain, who offers dry fruits and merely leftovers, his brother’s offering is an unnecessary waste. He laughs at his naive brother. Able’s offering to god is favored over Cain’s. The way we know that god prefers Abels offering is the strong and clear fire that is beaming towards the sky from his altar. Cain’s fire never grows strong, it eventually dies, and Cain then murders Abel, whereupon Yahweh punished Cain by condemning him to a life of wandering.

Bible is an interesting book, isn’t it? Many truly believe it was written by prophets to enlighten humanity. I don’t think Jesus would want to author this book though. Not because it’s not good, but because it is misleading and written to inoculate a particular schism in the psyche of common people, living at that particular time, sus

ceptible to indoctrination. The thing is, is that the order of things, from trivial to sacred was imposed by the current governing body. If the crucifixion was a staged event, to achieve this overwhelming psychological effect, just like the gladiator’s duels and staged killing games (in our time, Olympic games, grandiose entertainment and shocking news serve this adrenaline spiking purpose) popular at that time and frankly throughout the history of humanity, it makes sense to deduce a deliberate method here. There is plenty of archetypal, unwritten (esoteric) knowledge as well as physical artifacts, leading toward conclusion that pre Christian societies (ancient Greece, Sumerian, Egyptian civilizations) were not only honoring and utilizing the feminine (mystical) aspects of creation (oracles of Delphi), but also much more accustomed to the idea of physical death as a prelude to another life, just a precursor to a much grander experience. Most ancient civilizations viewed live on earth as a preparation for The Real Life, somewhere else, in a different form. This earthy one was considered more of a test. In addition, there is an overwhelming body of evidence (neglected by most modern classics), suggesting a ritual consumption of psychedelic brew called Kykeon, in ancient Greek city of Elysium. In an attempt to solve the mystery of how so many people over the span of two millennia could have consistently experienced revelatory states during the culminating ceremony of the Eleusinian Mysteries, it has been posited that the barley used in the Eleusinian kykeon was parasitized by ergot (ergot fungi refers to a group of fungi of the genus Claviceps) and that the psychoactive properties of that fungus triggered the intense experiences alluded to by the participants at Eleusis. Discovery of fragments of ergot (fungi containing LSD like psychedelic alkaloids) in a temple dedicated to the two Eleusinian Goddesses excavated at the Mas Castellar site (Girona, Spain) provided legitimacy for this theory. Ergot fragments were found inside a vase and within the dental calculus of a 25-year-old man, providing evidence of Ergot being consumed. This finding seems to support the hypothesis of ergot as an ingredient of the Eleusinian kykeon.

Yet, coming from the catholic background, most Westerners are taught that the story of Cain and Able is how modern humanity started. First, Adam and Eve disobeyed god’s word and initiated the path toward suffering. This is the collective standpoint at the moment, still very active within the paradigm of the collective psyche: division, competition. Eye for eye, fist for fist, in our times mostly on a subtle, less direct levels of manipulation. You can see it though, in the social hierarchy structures, on a political scene, in common economic practices and free market systems. Now, imagine your own family lineage, several generations of people living before you, more or less (traditions can be hard to disregard) invested in the biblical story of disempowerment and being taught that without the approval of almighty god, you are absolutely minuscule, merely a dust spec on the grand mirror of the supreme creator. No matter your good deeds and sacrifices, you might still not be favored by god. You keep asking yourself: is freedom form suffering attainable? Am I at mercy of some kind of force I can’t truly grasp and understand it’s power?

How can we unwrap from the convoluted storyline, if there is so much evidence on a physical level of the darkness that seem to be motivating human actions? Through reenacting horrific stories, echoing

the once that made us feel unplugged from the source originally, just like in the film Inception (a must see, more then one time), we are always trying to create a similar circumstance, and choose a different exit scenario every time we attempt the resurrection, in hopes to escape the execution and attain a higher level of conscious freedom from our current circumstances. Have you lost a house? Have you been forced to go within, because an illness made you stop all actions you were used to? Yes, you asked for a miracle, for a life reset and you created perfect conditions for this sort of psychic surgery take place. In regression therapy, if you choose to use it on your journey toward inner freedom, this kind of alignment enables you to access trapped emotions, carried in your DNA from one life to another and release them. In one of my sessions, a client went back to a lifetime during World War II, during which she discovered that the village she lived in at that time was burned, her husband and family were killed by Nazis. In her current incarnation, she had to go through a scenario of losing her home to a fire and being close to losing her own life, in order to experience (during a past life regression session) the lifetime in the village, plus another one as a slave, way further in the linear past. Another client manifests a tumor, in the western world considered the worst possible illness and a life sentence really. In my practice as a therapist, I notice a direct link between an unresolved yesterday, unprocessed emotions, anger, resentment, guilt, shame and present moment challenges. All those unpleasant things most people dissociate from and/or regularly project onto others. In western culture, we are not commonly being taught to honor, respect and feel emotions. Instead, we are taught to “toughen up” and go through the process of life according to a pre-designed education system, channel of hierarchies that have no place in a true algorithm of creation. Not to mention all the neglect and abuse most of us experienced in our childhood. If you don’t believe in change, look into nature. Nature has patterns as well, patterns just like everything in Universe are cyclical, they do change. Even the speed of light is not constant. Physical realities are nothing but a projection coming from a virtual reality set (your body, brain, nervous system) with a brilliant ability to create all kinds of holographic visuals, connected to the physical body, which serves as a transmitter and an amplifier of the inner programing. Scientists like Dr Donald Hoffman coined a term: conscious agent (you), based on his mathematical methods of deduction. We can no longer ignore the aspect of creation within us. It is self-evident.

I encourage you to explore the reality within, so that you can break the old patterns (if they cause suffering) and create new blueprints (grid for your consciousness), just like an architect creates a new design. Don’t give that much power to others. It is your right to re-write your history.

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