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When a Bottle Helps You Win an Internal Battle of a Climate Change Debate

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

How many of you are interested in the issue of climate change, global warming and sustainability?

I certainly am and wanted to share some findings with you. We are being bombarded by mixed information about human impact on the climate, however there is no strong evidence, that global warming is caused by human activity. The study of deuterium in the Antarctic showed that there were five global warmings and four Ice Ages for the past 400 thousand years. Humanoids first appeared on the Earth about 60 thousand years ago. However, even if human activities influence the climate, we can say that the cyclic changes in the number of sunspots on the Sun’s surface has a cyclic structure vary in every 11 years that is also imposed on the Earth environment.

Once again, there were five global warmings and four Ice Ages for the past 400 thousand years. The increase in the volcanic activity comes after the Ice Age and it leads to the greenhouse gas emissions. The magnetic field of the Sun grows, what means that the flux of cosmic rays decreases, increasing the number of clouds and leading to the warming again. Next comes the reverse process, where the magnetic field of the Sun decreases, the intensity of cosmic ray rises, reducing the clouds and making the atmosphere cool again.

There are studies supported by physicists from across the globe predicting an upcoming little ice age, resulting of a sharp decline in solar activity in years 2030—2040 comparable with the conditions existed previously during the Maunder minimum in the XVII century when there were only about 50-70 sunspots observed instead of the usual 40-50 thousand expected.

In addition, a recent study by Pohlman showed that ocean waters near the surface of the Arctic Ocean absorbed 2,000 times more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere than the amount of methane released into the atmosphere from the same waters. The study was conducted near Norway’s Svalbard Islands, which overly numerous seafloor methane seeps (methane is a main blameworthy in the climate change discussion).

Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, but the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere where the study was conducted more than offset the potential warming effect of the observed methane emissions.

Analysis of the data confirmed that methane was entering the atmosphere above the shallowest (water depth of 260-295 feet or 80-90 meters) Svalbard margin seeps. The data also showed that significant amounts of CO2 were being absorbed by the waters near the ocean surface, and that the cooling effect resulting from CO2 uptake is up to 230 times greater than the warming effect expected from the methane emitted.

Phytoplankton appeared to be more active in the near-surface waters overlying the seafloor methane seeps, which would explain why so much carbon dioxide was being absorbed. Physical and biogeochemical measurements of near-surface waters overlying the seafloor methane seeps showed strong evidence of upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich waters from depth, stimulating phytoplankton activity and increasing CO2 drawdown. This study was the first to document this CO2 drawdown mechanism in a methane source region.

“If what we observed near Svalbard occurs more broadly at similar locations around the world, it could mean that methane seeps have a net cooling effect on climate, not a warming effect as we previously thought,” said USGS biogeochemist John Pohlman, the paper’s lead author. “

How does this make you feel about all the blame humans get for the climate change? I think more important then creating new strict laws affecting general public, we should continuously shift the conversation toward sustainability and how to reduce our use of plastic. It's essential to keep the planet clean and enjoy the ever changing landscapes of our Mother Gaia. This our collective mother! It gives us shelter, food, water. Did I say WATER? Almost 80% of her body and your body is made of water. My beloved sister and her husband have created beautiful sustainable stainless steel bottles. A perfect housing for your favorite drink, hot or cold. Even if sustainability has never been your concern, it is our collective responsibility to show care for the mother that feeds us all. Would you like to consume fish or meet full of micro-plastics? If you enjoy life's simple yet magical pleasures like a tasty meal and clean water, consider supporting sustainable farmers and business owners. We can take the steering wheel from Monsanto, Nestle and the like - global chemical poisoners. Your dollar effects market place. Without your support these companies will have to change their standards. We can collectively say NO to genetically modified and toxic food-like products and demand ethical treatment of humans but supporting human friendly products and services :)

Because it's almost a Christmas season, perhaps you will fancy a well crafted and environmentally friendly gift for yourself or your loved once? Especially for my subscribers I have a coupon with a discount: INVOLVE20

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For those of you who think that this is about business and not enlightenment, I include an image of a man who had to take regular cold showers for a year, in order to heal from the poverty consciousness and embrace the idea of self care ;)

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