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What Is Dolores Cannon Method Of Hypnosis?

Dolores Cannon (1931-2014) was a renowned hypnotherapist and regressionist who developed a unique method of hypnosis that allowed her clients to access past lives and explore their subconscious mind. Her method is known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), and it combines traditional hypnotherapy techniques with spiritual and metaphysical concepts.

QHHT is based on the idea that we are multidimensional beings, and that we have access to higher levels of consciousness that can provide guidance, healing, and understanding. Cannon believed that our subconscious mind is capable of healing our physical and emotional issues, and that by accessing it, we can gain insights and knowledge about ourselves and our life purpose.

The QHHT session begins with a consultation where the hypnotherapist and the client discuss the client's issues and goals. The hypnotherapist explains the process of hypnosis and answers any questions the client may have. The client is then asked to lie down and relax, and the hypnotherapist induces a trance state through guided relaxation and visualization.

Once the client is in a deep trance state, the hypnotherapist begins to ask a series of questions to access the client's subconscious mind. The hypnotherapist may ask about the client's current life, childhood memories, and past life experiences. The hypnotherapist may also ask about the client's spiritual beliefs, to gain insight into their soul's journey.

During the session, the hypnotherapist acts as a facilitator, guiding the client through the process and helping them to access the information they need to heal and gain insight. The hypnotherapist may also use a technique called "soul questioning" to help the client gain deeper insight into their soul's purpose and to explore any spiritual issues they may be experiencing.

One of the key features of QHHT is the use of a "Higher Self" or "Subconscious" to access the information needed to heal and gain insight. The Higher Self is the part of the subconscious mind that is connected to the individual's soul or spirit. It is believed to be a source of infinite wisdom and knowledge, and can provide answers to life's deeper questions.

The hypnotherapist will guide the client to connect with their Higher Self and ask it questions about their life, purpose, and any issues they may be experiencing. The Higher Self may also provide healing and guidance to help the client overcome any physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges they may be experiencing.

QHHT is a powerful form of hypnotherapy that can provide profound healing and insight for individuals seeking to explore their past lives and gain a deeper understanding of their soul's journey. It is a holistic approach to healing that integrates spiritual and metaphysical concepts with traditional hypnotherapy, and is based on the belief that each individual has their own unique journey and purpose.

QHHT has helped countless individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their purpose, and continues to be a popular and effective form of hypnotherapy today.

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