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Electric Current and a Tree Network

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

This week I conducted a magical past life/regression therapy session. It was one of those rare days, when I didn’t need to guide a client into trance, in order to

help them heal from trauma. I love those types of regression sessions! This beautiful lady (my client) was introduced to Dolores Cannon method a few months ago. She leads a good, healthy life. There are some emotional and physical symptoms (indigestion, ocassional migranes, strange tingles on the right side of the body, some stress related to her two teenage children and a bit of Covid paranoia), but overall this client has a high level of life satisfaction. Nonetheless, we all have pivotal moments in life, when we ask ourselves powerful existential questions:

What is my life purpose?

Why can’t I feel this immense inner peace regularly?

Why am I afraid of Covid? These questions become persistent and pressing, especially when we feel that it is time to transition into another role (i.e. career change), or if we feel stagnant or trapped in our current paradigm (world view) and looking for some sort of expansion (i.e. emotional, mental, spiritual maturation).

Before the journey into other lifes begins, I guide the client into a theta brain frequency using energy medicine, some visualizations and other somatic and mental suggestions. First life my clients experiences is the one of a bird, resembling an African crowned crane. The client feels no emotions, but is very content and enjoys wild and pristine landscapes, rivers and mountains. It is a female bird, it lays an egg, but the baby gets eaten by another bird, before it reaches maturity. This event does not affect the bird. There are no human emotions present; no fear, immense joys, peace and neautrality permeates this experience. Second life is of an oak tree, wise and deeply connected to the forest. We explore what it’s like to provide home for other birds, connect with the sun, use photosynthesis to produce oxygen. There’s so much joy in this life, especially when we reach the roots! That’s when my client starts seeing electricity and light, generated by the tree, coming out from the roots and connecting with other trees, forming a network! This electric current brings forth light from above the tree as well, that’s when the photonic light starts flowing through the tree, and simultaneously through my client’s body. She starts crying, overwhelmed by joy. She says she has never felt this kind of emotion before. It lasts for about two minutes, then the energy normalizes.

We move to another life; this time it’s 1771, we are in France. The Paris Parlements which dared to attack Terran financial reform, were dissolved on January 19th, 1971. That’s an exact date of the session, minus the the year of course. Synchronicity, coincidence?

This date symbolizes a creation of an altogether different set of parlements, with appointed judges shorn of administrative and political power. Doesn’t it sound relative to what we are experiencing at the present time?

We enter a meeting room, there are 4 older gentlemen, wearing coats with tassels, having a discussion, writing things down on a paper, using ink and pen made of feathers. As a therapist, I know that this is a time when I can connect to the higher self (subconscious mind) of a client. These gentlemen (guides) represent a bridge between my client’s conscious and unconscious self. I ask the client to communicate with the gentlemen directly; we ask questions that my client wrote down before her appointment. They answer her questions in writing. We do a surrogate healing on her son Tom, opening up his heart and removing him from a shell of rigidity (Tom is avery sensitive child, loves nature and bees). Surogate healing is possible, if the client is in a state of hyper-awareness/deep trance and can percive energy and information just like medical scaner would (magnetic resonance imaging - MRI scanner).

I will ask my client if I can share a recording from the session on my YouTube Channel. She was in such a deep altered state, she could be a trance channel! I even asked questions about myself, my sister and got pretty remarkable answers.

This is what my client said last night; “Good evening beautiful Light. Everything feels different, much calmer, like I am not in the same place...but it is the same place. Good feeling. Even the news on my ride home seemed much more optimistic....”

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