Healing Sexual Trauma From Childhood

Updated: Jan 12

Warm Greetings!

Today I would like to share a deeply moving transcript from one of my hypnosis sessions. My client was born in India and migrated with her mother and a brother to the United States when she was ten years old. For about two years (it started when S was about eight years old), back in India, S was sexually assaulted by her step brother & regularly bullied and beaten by another step brother. I first saw S about 3.5-4 years ago. She came for an energy healing / Reiki session and had a powerful release which allowed her to connect with what we call in my field An Inner Child (or children, sometimes there are many to integrate back to the psyche of a wounded child). This treatment inspired S to move to a new clinic in New York City (S works as a physician and wasn't happy with her previous work environment) and make some changes in her life. This spring we met again for another energy medicine session, followed by a hypnosis/past life regression therapy. S was in not so good state when I saw her; she was coping with the trauma symptoms using food, occasionally alcohol. Symptoms included severe social anxiety, feeling unsafe (very small inside), fatigue, binge eating, which can be a form of dissociation (numbing of the emotions, escaping from the body through food induced coma. S suffered from a binge-starve cycle that slows down metabolism, wrecks energy levels, and causes weight to fluctuate). Once in trance, S was able to connect to the trauma memories with no severe abreactions (Abreaction is a psychoanalytical term for reliving an experience to purge it of its emotional excesses—a type of catharsis.)

I'm happy to share that S is doing a lot better now. We had another hypnosis/past life regression after the one I am sharing here and most likely will continue regression therapy until all symptoms fade away. In a case of a prolonged trauma, one or two sessions are likely not enough to fully heal. It might be another six months of regular work (once or twice a month is more than enough, if the client is implementing changes brought about by the subconscious mind).

Enjoy the story. I hope you will find it inspirational. Please share with those whom you think can benefit from regression therapy.

From The Black Hole with Light,

Aga :)

S – client

A – practitioner

S: I'm by the waterfall.

A: is the water falling down on you?

S: Not directly. I'm in the pond, by the rocks.

A: What does your body feel and look like?

S: It's young. i'm a young girl.

A: How do you feel in this natural environment?

S: Like a child, I want to play.

A: Do you know this place? Do you go there often? Is there a feeling of familiarity?

S: No, it’s like a trip or something.

A: What do you do in the water?

S: I splash, look around, I’m still holding on to the rocks.

A: Do you see other people around?

S: I kind of don’t want to see other people. I enjoy being there alone.

A: What do you do next?

S: I let go of the rock. I'm just walking in the water, its shallow.

A: Come closer to the waterfall, go under the waterfall, taste the water, let it pass through your system. (Client swallows and tastes the water, smiles)

A: It’s joyful, isn't it? Tell me more...

S: I feel very safe, nothing can touch me, and nothing can harm me. I'm just happy (starts to cry). I feel like Im in this little body, tiny body.

A: How old are you?

S: Five or six years old.

A: Look at your reflection in the water. Look at your face and tell me what features do you see.

S: I have bangs!!! (Client laughs with a surprise) I have a slightly tanned but kind of light skin, my hair is black.

A: Straight or curly?

S: It’s straight. The image is shifting between short and long hair.

A: Is the child happy?

S: Yes, but only when she is left alone. (Client is crying)

She feels so alone.

A: Allow yourself to feel the emotions, this is a temporary state. It will help you connect deeper. Start moving the body, walk out of the water. Can you describe the landscape?

S: I'm on the side of the hill, it's very mossy. I see fresh, green moss growing on the hill.

A: Are you bare feet? Can you touch the moss with your feet?

S: Yeah

A: Let her show you where she lives, lets go to her home.

S: She doesn’t want to take me there. She takes me to a swings set.

A: Let's swing. Feel the body move up and down, the air touching your skin. It feels very freeing. Lets amplify the feeling of Freedom. Take a deep breath in, make the sensations stronger. What do you see around?

S: Trees, it's like a forest around. There is no one else near by.

A: It's a little unusual, right? A little girl playing by herself,

S: Yeah

A: I tapped the client forehead to help her connect deeper to the story.

What is happening next? What scene do you see?

S: She is at school, she is wearing a brown uniform, with a white shirt and braun tie. She is older, about 8-9 years old. Im entering the school, walking toward the classroom.

A: Find your seat, look at the books on your desk.

S: This is my classroom.