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Healing Sexual Trauma From Childhood

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Warm Greetings!

You are about to watch a powerful hypnosis session.

David, 47 years old, has been on his healing journey for couple of years now.

He was living his life unaware of a sexual abuse he has experienced during his childhood while at a scout camp, until about three years ago. He lost about 70 pounds in a weight loss contest and that triggered memories of his childhood experiences.

The scout camp rape turned into a 3-4 years long nightmare…

David comes from a home, in which there was no emotional awareness or support from his parents. There were no counselors at his school, no one he could talk to. He was indoctrinated by his abuser - John (4 years older neighbor) who shamed him; called him gay, fag and a disgusting human being. He convinced David that telling his parents about the sexual encounters would make everyone laugh and ridicule him.

David would urinate behind his dresser when he was about eleven; his parent’s response was to rub his face in the piss and then physically punish the boy.

David was unaware of his childhood trauma, until the weight loss triggered dreams full of sexual scenes and whole array of emotional symptoms including anxiety, panic, depression.

David used talk therapy, hypnosis, energy medicine (Reiki), hypnosis, and shamanic methods to regain his balance.

If you know anyone who is suffering from sexual abuse trauma, please share this video.

Healing is possible and is your universal right.

With Light,


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