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I Hope This Message Helps You In This Difficult Time

The Power of Your Being is greater than the capacity of this being to destroy itself. You are life, forever appreciated, even if you compress yourself to a grain of sand, turn into a stream of judgement, hate or alienation. Life continues and will continue in its totality of possibilities, even without a witness, but witnessing makes the experience valid in our current reality. How we perceive an event or an experience effects the entire creation. How we perceive ourselves and others, feeds the vacuum with new information. The invisible turns into a physical manifestation. The invisible is the one you need to focus on. That's where the tiny particles, on the the quantum level form new structures and strength them, if the information is re-enforced. Our brains for instance, love efficiency and when you repeat a behavior such as hating, judging or complaining, your neurons branch out to each other to ease the flow of information. This makes it much easier to repeat the same behavior in the future.

You cannot blame your brain because it is responding to you, even if you are not fully aware of what kind of instructions you are sending to your inner intelligence. Who would want to build a temporary bridge every time one needs to cross a river? It is way more efficient to construct a permanent bridge. As a result, your neurons grow closer together and the connection between them becomes more permanent. In science this process as described as "Neurons that fire together, wire together".

You are a Supreme Creator with a capacity to effect change. That is Empowerment. Even though you're constantly bombarded with waves and frequencies designed to distort your knowledge about yourself, you remain untouched at the core. Imagine yourself as a baby in the mother's womb, connected to her via umbilical cord. Without that connection, you couldn't develop into a human form. You wouldn't be equipped to have an experience on Earth. This time is needed to prepare you for everything that your soul set out to do, using the body's various systems as a vehicle of connection to an actual experience. Every cell in your body responds to the directions passing through your mind, which is the central "traffic controller". The mind is the receiver of the instructions, that come from the aforementioned umbilical cord, or rather a web of cords, constantly reminding you of your connection to All That Is. Consciousness is being broadcasted through your brain cells, every cell in fact, your emotional body and an electromagnetic field, which you are a part of. Human brain is capable of creating complex multi-dimensional geometric structures, operating in as many as eleven dimensions. These very complex towers create a platform for an experience one would like to have. They follow our imagination, our ideas, our lead. All creation starts from imagination. If you can imagine yourself having a better life then you are expecting right now, you can most certainly create it. No matter what your current circumstances are. No matter what you see around you. That is a real Power and it is an infinite Source. It never depletes itself nor diminishes. You come from it and you are it.

Here is a mantra to practice: I am grateful for noticing that I have doubted a possibility for circumstances to align perfectly so that I can witness and enjoy the preferred experience and I am grateful for my ability to correct the trajectory of thoughts I choose to align to.

Sending Love & Radiance,


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