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Don't be an Agent For Negative Beliefs!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Happy Solstice Everyone! This time of the year I wish you even more relentlessness and ferocious passion to continue identifying and letting go of limiting definitions and beliefs about yourself! Give thanks in a positive way from your self empowered place of peace and balance, give thanks to all the negative beliefs that have brought you to where you are and thank them and let them know that they can now begin to relax. Let them know that they do not have to try so hard anymore to convince you of something you know is not true. And by thanking them and then relaxing your energy towards them and not invalidating them, do you then slowly drain the charge that you have put on them. So that the negative believes may simply know that they can be the part of you they need to be; simply an option. An equal choice, a valid choice but nothing more than a choice. For that is all they are really when you see through the illusion, when you see through the tricks, you begin to understand they are nothing but a choice like any other choice. They have no power over you. They can only use your power as a reflection that in contrary to what do you prefer. If you don't give them your power to use, they have no power of their own. For they are only shapes, they are only symbols, their only signs and Illusions, they're only smoke and mirrors, they're just ideas, they're just perspectives. Please understand that negative beliefs cannot be more fundamental than your existence and your worth. They simply cannot be! Allow the negative beliefs to go to sleep and slumber peacefully now that they have earned their retirement in service to you. Energy always exist in its potentiality and we as creators have a power to spin it and shape it into any experience we desire. Even if in the past you have had a suspension of disbelief about your worth, this movie is now over. Look at the white screen behind the projection and start a new movie. You are the artist and the artwork. The velvety Darkness within you contains all that you need, all that you will ever be. 💙💥🖤

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