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One Extraordinary Act a Day

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Greetings from Chicago again, where I will be offering hypnosis, energy healing and coaching sessions for the next two months! Below is a part of my new upcoming guided meditation.

Let go of the day, let go of all the ideas and all the thoughts that are not really you. That are simply the noise and chatter that you have collected over the course of your lifetime, that are representative of beliefs and ideas and definitions that you have picked up along the way. But really now, that you have arrived at this point of clarity, you can tell that many of them, most of them have nothing to do with who you choose to be. And even give you the sense of resistance to the natural self, the true signature vibration; let them go, let them go, let them go.... And let in: all those things, all those manifestations, all those experiences that are always being sent to you, that are always coming to you, that are more in alignment­­­ with a beacon, the beacon of your signature vibration that you give off. Feel that Beacon stretching out, shining forth from your solar plexus under your rib cage from the center of your body. That Vibrating light, that scintillating light, that represents your frequency. That represents your path, that represents your passion, that represents your extraordinary self. You're a unique point of you, your passion, your love, your creativity, your joy, your freedom. Your freedom, your key to unlock from all things that are not who you prefer to be. And let them drift away. On a sea of an infinite, unconditional allowance and love. Do not invalidate them, love them. And let them go. For they have served you well to bring you to this point, this point in your life where you are now making a new decision; a decision to be who you truly are, a decision to be free. Allow yourself to soak up this vibration of freedom, this vibration of extraordinary potentiality, the opportunities and choices. All laid out before you and as you allow yourself to be enveloped, to be immersed in this Beautiful Crystaline Sphere, this vibration of light and love, allow yourself to choose now that frequency that is YOU, and only you. You have from this point forward no other choice. Breathe it in, breathe it in, breathe it in... Float freely in your imagination, between the stars above and the earth below, float freely in an orbit around your world. And gaze upon your planet and all of the extraordinary life, and all the extraordinary expressions of life that exist in your world. Endless variations, endless expressions, endless activity, endless being. A tapestry of infinity, interconnected, interwoven. The carpet that blankets your world, carpet of life expressing itself in all of the extraordinary ways that it can. The unique manifestation of Your World, The Richness, the Complex Beauty of life itself expressed in joy, expressed in power, expressed in truth, expressed in authenticity. For that is now the only city you will live in. Authenticity. That is your home, that is your truth, that is your being and that is your power. Extraordinary authenticity, the unique point of view that you are, the unique facet of the multidimensional crystal of creation that you are created to be. The authentic you living in authenticity. Now and forever, now and forever, now and forever... Breath it in deeply and take it to Heart, take it to Mind, take it to Soul, take it to Spirit, take it to Oversoul. Take it to all the realms of higher consciousness; the universe, the Multiverse. Take it to Infinity, to All That Is, Existence itself. And as you go forth, beginning this day, allow yourself like opening a box of sweets, to choose at least once a day and act of extraordinary expression. Maybe it is something you've done before but never done fully. Maybe it is something you have never done that you will do for the first time ever. But allow yourself at least once a day to choose like from a box of sweets that which appears to appeal to you most, that to which you are most attracted, that which is most representative of your excitement, your joy, your passion. One extraordinary act, everyday.


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