A Tall White Alien And An Elohim Walk Into a Bar...

Not all hypnosis sessions look like that, but when we allow ourselves to go with the energy within, the abilities we are able to tap into are beyond any Sci-Fi movie anyone has even made!

Enjoy :)

A Tall White Alien and an Elohim walk into a bar...

Q - question A - answer

Q: Is anyone standing near you?

A: Yes

Q: Who is it?

A: I see the clothes but not the person.

Q: What do the clothes look like?

A: Sort of, beige, almost like the color of clothes that people wear in the desert. Loosely fitting.

Q: Are they watching you?

A: They appear to be one with all. One with all things.

Q: Usually when we begin a journey like this, the one who comes first is the one who is going to guide and the one who we feel most close to.

A: I don’t see a face, but I feel the presence.

Q: Are you ready to go with this person?

A: Sure.

Q: So, let’s go to where they are going to take us because they are going to take us to the answers. So when you feel settled with them, tell me what you see.

A: I am taken to the clouds, a sort of palatial realm of light. Very bright.

Q: Is there anybody else around you?

A: Still flying. Now in a room. A green room, or outside of it. Now it seems like an oasis. Palm trees and the green. A dark green building sort of like you see in Santa Fe, stucco.

Q: Can we go into the building? (YES)

A: It is (laughing), appears to be a planetarium but not like one I have ever seen. wow. Stars.

Q: Do you see your home there?

A: I see a star. A single star. It is placed in my heart. In the center of my heart.

Q: Can you know what that is?

A: I have seen it before. In the same spot in my heart at another time.

Q: What is its representation?

A: It is God. The Source. The I AM. The center. The Light.

Q: Is anyone in the room with you?

A: There does appear to be someone very tall.

Q: Can we ask who this person is?

A: I think it is a “He”, it said “I am Anshar”. But I think that is a type of being, or a race of being.

Q: Is that the feeling you are getting right now, or is that something he said?

A: That is something he said. “I am here to show you your home.”

Q: Are you ready to go?

A: Sure.

Q: There’s a ship. Sort of a sphere. It’s very large. Like the size of a city. It’s white on the outside, many windows or, I think they are windows.

A: You can see the outside from the inside?

Q: No from the building still. And now an entry like him guiding me into the ship. And the ship closing behind the door, or whatever it is. I am not sure if its physical or not. It has form but its more etheric.

Q: Is Anshar family to you?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Can we ask?

A: When I asked he put out his hand like “Come”. He moves very gracefully although I don’t see his face. It’s a shadow, dark like space. But I see the form of the robes, moving into like a corridor. It’s vast inside, it’s really big. There’s a pattern on the floor.

Q: What does it look like?

A: The directions. The 4 directions.

Q: Of Earth?

A: Like a compass. What you see on map. And a circle. And him motioning for us to stand on the symbol. When we stand on the symbol a shaft of light it seems and levitation at really high speeds upward. Like through a central elevator sort of and like an atrium inside. Like a dome. Like that experiment with the plants, what people do in the desert or on Mars bases. But this is much more advanced. It’s profound. It’s like … wow.

Q: So they are not just growing potatoes?

A: No, it’s like a whole ecosystem.

Q: Is this where you are from or is this still the ship?

A: I think it is a ship.

Q: Is Anshar still with you?

(water break)

A: They are profoundly telepathic it seems. Although I only see the one. (are there more?) There must be others, the space is so huge.

Q: Why has Anshar presented himself to you, out of all of them why has he?

A: I don’t know that that is his name. He said “I do not have a name”.

Q: What can we call you other than the “Tall graceful one in robes?”

A: (laughing) He has a sense of humor that is good.

Q: He’s going to need it talking to us. Here we are talking to an interdimensional being, so…

A: I’d prefer that he had a name. (laughing) He said “Smith.” (laughing).

Q: Ok. Smith. Out of all of them, “Smith” decided to present himself to you why has he come forward?

A: “Dr. Smith”. Unbelievable.

Q: Why has “Dr. Smith” decided to come forward?

A: We have been waiting for you.

Q: And who does he mean by you?

A: We are your family. You have been communicating with us. We know who you are and we are so very proud of you for your courage in coming to the Earth to live in a body as a human.

Q: And why have you come to the Earth as a human?

A: To allow us to see from inside of humanity from the depth of psychology the pulse of the collective subconscious.

Q: And why is it you wish to have that?

A: We have been interacting with the Earth for many thousands of years and are committed to helping with the raising of awareness in the collective of humanity.

Q: Please don’t take offense to this as I ask it, but are you the ones we typically refer to as “The Tall White Aliens”?

A: We have been called that, yes.

Q: Ok, I am somewhat familiar with you and you don’t often co-mingle with, I am not sure of the right word for this but, you are available if asked for. To all.

A: Yes. We are here to serve humanity.

Q: Now, as you are experiencing humanity through this particular body what are you learning about humanity?

A: There is a great resilience in the organism. The human organism, the ability to persist, the ability to heal injuries; there’s also a great capacity for pleasure in the sensory apparatus.

Q: Is this body that you are viewing humanity through, is it doing what it has come to do properly?

A: Yes.

Q: Are there things that could be adjusted?

A: There is this injury to the eyes which appears to hinder or limit the fluidity of emotion and expression of this individual.

Q: Is this injury part of the path of this body?

A: It was experienced at an early age but the scarring has been misperceived or symbolized, become a symbol in a way that is not useful.

Q: Do you feel that this injury is blocking clarity for you?

A: It is harder to flow energy when the individual is caught in the trap of the symbol. It becomes more difficult to flow energy.

Q: Has this symbol been created out of a reaction to certain events in life?

A: As a reaction, yes. To pain.

Q: Does that pain still exist in the life of this person?

A: No. But the symbol creates a tension that is a faint echo of the original injury.

Q: And so does this symbols serve a purpose for this body?

A: It is a subterfuge, a cloaking of the consciousness that some humans would find threatening.

Q: So it is serving a purpose of protection?

A: That is correct

Q: So may I ask, how can we work around this so the human can feel safe and the cloak can be removed. What is the fear associated with?

A: Attack. Fear of being attacked.

Q: Which is a relevant fear if you live in the deep jungles of South America right? Or the deserts of Mexico a tarantula crawls on you.

A: Or New York in the 70’s where this one grew up.

Q: Is that where this started?

A: That’s where the perception of threat was most concretized.

Q: While we can still maintain respect of free will of the human, how can we take a jackhammer to that?

A: There is a means of cloaking that is much less restrictive that this one could easily master.

Q: Does this one already know it?

A: As one of our race, yes.

Q: Can you describe it to us now?

A: It is encoded, or accessed through DNA at the cellular level at the vibrational level. It is not unlike that of the chameleon in the sense that it can shift to adapt to its environment. Its emotional environment, its social environment the bio environment.

Q: Using your example of the chameleon if this human still feels like the environment was what it was back in the 70’s, how does the chameleon change with the environment?

A: Vibrationally.

Q: Dr. Smith may I be so bold as to ask you to please speak in layman terms?

A: Yes. Human has a great aptitude, a great many ways, very talented in great many ways and we are showing him the vibrational equivalent of the “cloaking”, right now.

Q: He achieves that through meditation, or simply asking you?

A: Asking. His meditation, while useful in creating stillness and clearing the static absorbed from the other biological entities surrounding him that he encounters, the meditation is useful in the clearing there. But in the cloaking it is much more useful to not try but to simply ask and allow.

Q: Can this be done at any time? The asking and allowing?

A: Yes. Of course it can.

Q: Is it best achieved through states of euphoria? (yes) Through states of pleasure. (yes) Through states of artistic endeavor?

A: Yes. It can be done that way as well.

Q: So, this human need only remember to do the asking. (that is correct). There is nothing more that need to be done but that. (that is correct). And then we are talking about removing the cloak that is cemented in the vision that is hindering the flow of energy for your clarity? (that is correct). Can this be done with his current partner as she does work with the body.

A: She has resisted working with this injury specifically. She is a very sensitive healer and the depth of the injury, the shock of it, the shock of the confrontation to her sensibility has repelled her from working specifically on the injury to the eyes.

Q: So, it is best that this human not work with others but simply work directly with you?

A: It does not preclude working with others, but it does not necessitate.

Q: Does this cloaking also stop this human from seeing what he should be doing?

A: There is a great connection to the eyes and vison and while that is humorously obvious to most the nature of the scarring in this case has created a great impediment to vision and every meaning of the word vision. It has also enabled a focus, a unique focus in terms of psychic vision in terms of empathic ability, the ability to see in non-physical ways. This individual is capable in ways most are not.

Q: Has this injury to the vision increased the ability to see what others cannot see?

A: It has increased the telepathy in particular.

Q: So, it has served a purpose of certain abilities?

A: Telepathy in particular.

Q: Does it continue to serve that purpose?

A: It is no longer needed in that way for this individual. In fact, it impedes the expansion of the awareness and the skill.

Q: So, it has served its purpose and is no longer necessary. (that is correct). So, is it possible through this work with the new cloaking that is going to be done to unhinge this cemented cloak?

A: As long as the individual exercises that decision and makes that choice with his free will. Yes that is so, that can be released, removed.

Q: And he does this simply by asking?

A: That is correct, it can be done in the moment.

Q: Is there ever a time in which he could be over asking, over connecting, doing too much asking?

A: The fear that the individual holds is that this is so, but it is not so. We are greatly capable of protection and our commitment to this individual is total and complete and eternal.

Q: Is there a way that you can, through feeling, show this individual exactly what you mean?

A: We are – now. (series of deep breathing). It’s a trip, being aware of 2 identities.

Q:Dr. Smith are you all capable of love? The emotion of love?

A: It is our identity. Love. Truest self, our deepest meaning and purpose.

Q: And is it your desire to express that through this human?

A: Yes, it is. He has a unique aptitude for music that we used before that he is aware of, using, that is he experiences as divine intervention. But also, service to others.

Q: And do you feel that this is his best way of expressing where he comes from and what It serves for humanity?

A: It is. He shrinks from it, he fears the power would trigger the darkness in the darkest of humans.

Q: But isn’t that still God, isn’t that still source?

A: It is.

Q: And at your purest you are love?

A: That is so

Q: And so, in this same vain of music, is there anything that he can be doing that he is not?

A: The most important net step or steps is to remove and release these impediments to flow. They have gone too far in restricting his awareness and his intelligence and the flow of his karma and destiny

Q: Is the karma and destiny of this human the same as you intent for it?

A: One in the same, indeed

Q: And that is to….?

A: To flow the source of love into the astral, etheric and physical realms of the Earth through human form

Q: Why is this important?

A: It is necessary for the purpose of the divine in creation

Q: Why is that necessary?

A: The energy needs to vibrate into the Earth, into the forms of the Earth, into the people and matrix of the Earth.

Q: Why is that necessary

A: It is the Will of the one. It is the Will of the one. This one knows this at a deep level, the fear is the power (what is the fear?), it is illusion based on belief, created by belief. Habit of thought. Habit of thought.

Q: Does that hinder your ability to see clearly through him?

A: It does. It limits our ability to fully contact him and fully resonate with him.

Q: Do these fears also affect his daily life?

A: They do in that he holds back his flow from others in fear of being discovered as Alien.

Q: What if he was to know that he is not hiding any of that from any one? That’s like a 1200lbs person walking around hoping no one sees they are large, it is that obvious he is Alien. Am I wrong Dr.Smith?

A: (laughter) There is a power in his heart that is due to emerge, the physical shape of his heart will change, enlarge and move much more freely.

Q: So, let me get this right. If this human embraced who he actually was and where he came from and lived life accordingly, not only would you have a clear picture into the human life and be able to help us more – but he would have abilities far greater than he has now with much more consistency? (yes and much more joy and happiness and love) and he would utilize these abilities with the pureness that is where he comes from that is love? (yes). I just want to make that clear.

A: That is correct

Q: And so when he asks, over and over again 10 different ways on a list “What is he supposed to be doing while he’s here”……..

A: It is love, it is the resonance flowing of consciousness of love that is our purpose that is our meaning.

Q: And there is no end to wanting to do that (no, there is no end to the source or the means). And may I ask, does the source not express itself through all? (it does, you are wise). And so the source expresses itself through this one, correct? (That is correct), as do you (that is correct)? and as does his source (they are one)? And are you one? (we are one) And is he you (we are one, that is correct)? And you, forgive me for still seeing things separately, but the source expresses itself through all (that is correct), you are expressing yourself through this person – (yes) you are not expressing yourself through me for instance.

A: No, but we could if you wished it and opened to it, wished to contact us, wished to know us, wished to communicate with us. That would be possible. That may not be necessary in your case, you have a wide variety of very beautiful guides who have been, some of them, with you a long time across many lifetimes – some who are relatively new. You are well guided, well protected and well loved. Though we can communicate with you certainly.

Q: But so the difference between going through me and going through this body is that it’s pure through _____ because ____ is you? You are one? (true we are one, that is correct). But I am not one with you. (in the sense that you ask it, that is correct). And so there is pure form of you coming through this person (that is correct), in combination with the source as I am asking it (correct), even though we are all one (that is right). And the source wishes to move through this body bringing the abilities that you have of pure love to magnify it here unto this Earth –

A: With great enthusiasm, this one is very gifted. This one can create waves of great consequence (how?), through the vibrations that we are here to share. (and how does he translate these vibrations to the rest of us?). Through the being and presence but also through language for now in this phase of the path of the Earth there is a great need in humanity as we have perceived it, not only through this one but through many others – there is a great need in humanity for the need of the translation of this pure love into vibration that they can absorb, that they can feel with their bodies with their viscera with their etheric bodies with their astral bodies with their personalities. (with their 5 senses?). Yes through their senses, through their personalities, to their psychology of their entrainment of their training of their inculturation, their culture, their cultures, through the language of their cultures – music is one of the direct ways this can be done This one has great aptitudes given the genetic line, the DNA of the organism, through the line going back generations and through study and learning and passion and practice also this one has had experiences of the oneness that is possible to channel the oneness so that it is experienced by the musician as a single entity and that is I AM, that IS US. That freedom is enabled there that produces pure joy that is the purpose of this one’s path. Why this one came, the one that is one with us. And why that one came into this body.

Q: I see. And so if I am ask about an example; there is a man who comes and plays the flute during a meditation and it is a transcendental flute, And it is said that when you are in the room in meditation while listening flute you can be at one with God.

A: This is precisely of which we speak. Yes, this is precisely right.

Q: And so when this person is asking, this one who is one with you and with all and living in this body and is asking “What is the purpose and what should I continue to be doing?” this is it.

A: Yes, and I believe what is being asked by the personality is the more concrete steps which is often what we encounter with humans, is that the sensory limitations of experience can create a sort of amnesia that transfixes the personality on the what is called the Maya by some - the motion of the molecules of existence - the body of Gaia as one body – and so the personality while it knows this purpose it sees this north star it loses itself in the sensory and so flales about in a sort of confusion in terms of one foot in front of the other. Both in terms of the receiving of the vision of the idea before the thing manifests, but also in the path from the vision, once the vision has been received, the path towards sequential manifestation into experience so that it can vibrate into the experience of the Earth.

Q: I see. Back to step one, the concrete aspect. We first have to work towards getting these senses blown wide open, So that there are no limitations, there is no need for the “concrete.”

A: Right and in that process as well there is a “stuckness” in the perception, the sensory - particularly the double vision.

Q: Which brings us back to the cloaking and why it exists in the first place.

A: Right, and it also locates it close to the mechanism of the cloaking in the genetic makeup of the organism. Genetic expression in terms of vision is binocular in nature and the templated physical form currently expressed by this organism does – the genetic expression of vision is towards binocular vision and so the expectation of the organism is to perceive binocularly and in this is instance it is not binocular it is like to monocular visions tied together and so this confuses the personality of this individual (it serves as a great distraction?). It does distract him.

Q” May I ask the question about the eyes – do the eyes serve to show us what we believe? Or what we see?

A: In terms of their purpose (yes? In terms of their design (yes)? The design of the organism, the mind is the vortex through which spirit manifests into form, and in terms of the eyes the mind interprets what is perceived through the eyes but can also over time become conditioned to expect patterns based on sensory input. Based on the vibrations received of light, of refracted light. And so patterns of light are then interpreted in various ways. So to answer your question - what we see with the eyes through the human organism is what is reflected light, but also interpreted through the patterns of the mind (of consciousness?). Of consciousness. There also is the conditioned mind, which some call Ego, which adds another layer of interpretation or can. If we understand your question – through meditation it is possible to become still and to perceive the reflective light directly. Through great stillness, it is possible to not interpret and to perceive through pure consciousness. (it is possible?) Yes. (Is that only in the asking?) yes, that is correct.

Q: Can one say, “I wish to see the patterns of light, pure, without influence?”

A: Yes, all of the senses are this way where the mind can become still. Sound. Sight. Touch. Taste.

Q: Would that benefit us to do that?

A: There is a receptivity in stillness that resonates with the One.

Q: Would this be a part of the Will of the One?

A: It is the Will of the One.

Q: It is the Will of the One to know itself without influence?

A: Contrast is part of the created expression of the one, it serves many purposes. It creates the engine of desire that propels creation forward in the sense of time and the realms of time. We believe what you are referencing is the timeless, the eternal – the absolute stillness of the one.

Q: It has been said that the desire of the One is to know itself through all of these experiences which would be all of us, essentially, all of life. But did the One know it was going to get layers and layers of crap on top of that?

A: They are gesturing for me to follow.

Q: Are we in trouble?

A: (laughing). No, there is a room – wow –

Q: No fair, you have to share…

A: It’s like a viewing room, like a, oh wow – it’s like a planetarium but like the real deal. Space. (where are we?). Home. (emotional moment)