A Tall White Alien And An Elohim Walk Into a Bar...

Updated: Jan 13

Not all hypnosis sessions look like that, but when we allow ourselves to go with the energy within, the abilities we are able to tap into are beyond any Sci-Fi movie anyone has even made!

Enjoy :)

A Tall White Alien and an Elohim walk into a bar...

Q - question A - answer

Q: Is anyone standing near you?

A: Yes

Q: Who is it?

A: I see the clothes but not the person.

Q: What do the clothes look like?

A: Sort of, beige, almost like the color of clothes that people wear in the desert. Loosely fitting.

Q: Are they watching you?

A: They appear to be one with all. One with all things.

Q: Usually when we begin a journey like this, the one who comes first is the one who is going to guide and the one who we feel most close to.

A: I don’t see a face, but I feel the presence.

Q: Are you ready to go with this person?

A: Sure.

Q: So, let’s go to where they are going to take us because they are going to take us to the answers. So when you feel settled with them, tell me what you see.

A: I am taken to the clouds, a sort of palatial realm of light. Very bright.

Q: Is there anybody else around you?

A: Still flying. Now in a room. A green room, or outside of it. Now it seems like an oasis. Palm trees and the green. A dark green building sort of like you see in Santa Fe, stucco.

Q: Can we go into the building? (YES)

A: It is (laughing), appears to be a planetarium but not like one I have ever seen. wow. Stars.

Q: Do you see your home there?

A: I see a star. A single star. It is placed in my heart. In the center of my heart.

Q: Can you know what that is?

A: I have seen it before. In the same spot in my heart at another time.

Q: What is its representation?

A: It is God. The Source. The I AM. The center. The Light.

Q: Is anyone in the room with you?

A: There does appear to be someone very tall.

Q: Can we ask who this person is?

A: I think it is a “He”, it said “I am Anshar”. But I think that is a type of being, or a race of being.

Q: Is that the feeling you are getting right now, or is that something he said?

A: That is something he said. “I am here to show you your home.”

Q: Are you ready to go?

A: Sure.

Q: There’s a ship. Sort of a sphere. It’s very large. Like the size of a city. It’s white on the outside, many windows or, I think they are windows.

A: You can see the outside from the inside?

Q: No from the building still. And now an entry like him guiding me into the ship. And the ship closing behind the door, or whatever it is. I am not sure if its physical or not. It has form but its more etheric.

Q: Is Anshar family to you?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Can we ask?

A: When I asked he put out his hand like “Come”. He moves very gracefully although I don’t see his face. It’s a shadow, dark like space. But I see the form of the robes, moving into like a corridor. It’s vast inside, it’s really big. There’s a pattern on the floor.

Q: What does it look like?

A: The directions. The 4 directions.

Q: Of Earth?

A: Like a compass. What you see on map. And a circle. And him motioning for us to stand on the symbol. When we stand on the symbol a shaft of light it seems and levitation at really high speeds upward. Like through a central elevator sort of and like an atrium inside. Like a dome. Like that experiment with the plants, what people do in the desert or on Mars bases. But this is much more advanced. It’s profound. It’s like … wow.

Q: So they are not just growing potatoes?

A: No, it’s like a whole ecosystem.