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Focused Consciousness, called perception is a product of the environment, where the living being exists. There are many different types of consciousness, based on the instruments of perception and actions available to the living beings. Another words, Consciousness is a pattern of the Mind developed over a period of time. Your Consciousness has many different focal points focused on different aspects of existence simultaneously. As you manifest yourself into existence, you consider all these focal points that exist within you and outside of your body. This process takes place subconsciously for most human beings. It is worth noting that a reverse process is also true. If we focus primarily on the receptors and focal points inside our bodies, we begin to expand our perception field and influence patterns of existing grid of information. On the other hand, Internalizing an existing data through the receptors open Only toward receiving and not emitting information, creates a very restrictive pattern, leading to mental diseases, physical illness and suffering. Here is a mantra to practice: I create Consciousness patterns congruent with the Universal truths. Let's ask further what are universal Truths? Or what are the principles of creation? It is a set of laws that don't change regardless of an environment one exists in. Environments are temporary, whereas certain laws of existence are permanent. These are the Universal laws that are unchanging: 1. You Exist ( always have and always will). 2. The One is the All and All is the One. 3. What you put out is what you get back. 4. Everything is here and now ( all the realities exist simultaneously). 5. Everything Changes except for the four laws above. When you think of your life and how it unfolds, consider these four laws being the fundamentals​ of crystallization and materialization of your thoughts into a physical experience. Are you in alignment with the principles of creation when choosing the thoughts you will believe or connecting to an existing pattern within yourself? For your consciousness to Evolve, you must implement these laws through the choices you make in your every day life.

Namaste 💙

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